A Brief History of Rugby Betting

Rugby has long been a popular betting choice among rugby fans, and with the 6-month long Super Rugby season, we can expect great deal of excitement among rugby punters. It’s hard to point out the precise date when betting on rugby began. It can be estimated that gambling on the sport began as early as 1845, once the first set of Rugby rules were finally put together in writing.
In 1863, the Blackheath Club was interestingly the first one to quit the Football Association in order to switch to rugby, whereas the Rugby Football Union was established in 1871 – which was the same year when England and Scotland played together as the first formal international rugby match. The game kept flourishing around the world.
Rugby Sevens was the new Rugby Union that has dependably gained appeal amongst fans and gamblers, as the Hong Kong Sevens was developing during 1976, and as the IRB Seven World Series was introduced in 1999.

Rugby Betting Today

With the advent of internet sportsbooks and after some restrictions of online sports betting were eased, betting on different variants of rugby started escalating. Punters are nowadays given opportunities of betting on important international rugby matches and major championships of the Rugby Union and the Rugby League.
The variety of bet available is extensive enough to allow rugby punters to bet on various eventualities of particular matches, to name a few: predicting first points, predicting which team will be the first to score, predicting which team will win a certain half and more.

Rugby Betting Strategies

Match Markets. Markets offer a variety of activities to be gambled on. Such activities may involve teams, goals, scores, penalties, margins, players, handicap etc. This might vary depending on the bookmaker. Some bookmakers will offer markets smaller than others.

Handicap Betting. A handicap point which is assigned to a team is determined at the end of the game by subtracting or adding the total points from the major score.

Tryscorer Bets. This is variable type of betting which is based on a player (especially on ones who score a try), although some of the bets are based on the first try by any team.

Match Betting. This highly straightforward betting type simply predicts the winning team of a match.

Rugby Betting Tips

Practice head-to-head statistics. These statistics are necessary when rugby betting is on the stake. Especially in rugby, some teams are likely to dominate other teams repeatedly over a period of years. This is especially true for international rugby, since teams with large differences in abilities may result in somewhat predictable patterns. Being aware of such patterns allows for placing more informed bets.

Consider the weather. Since weather has a significant impact on a rugby match, checking the weather ahead of a match may help you make smarter bets.

Track injuries. Typically, every rugby team has one or two players who are highly beneficial to its overall performance. Injuries of key players may be disastrous to a team. Being well informed about teams and tournaments you follow will help you predict impacts of injuries on the outcome of a match.

Top 3 best Rugby Betting sites

We’ll teach you all you need to know about popular types of bets on the popular sports, as well as important lingo and some advanced ideas on betting.

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