About us

Only a few decades ago, sports betters had to hide in the darker and weirder corners of the streets, and a little later, they could only be found in the darkness of the internet. Since then, a brave new world has been created, in which sports betting has finally become the mainstream.

sports betting academy  is designed to educate you on how the world of sports betting works. We took upon ourselves the mission to reach those who wish to learn the science of sports handicapping and wagering, and to help them make some cash while watching, enjoying and betting on different sports.

We are here to take you by the hand and show you the things you should know and acknowledge about placing your bets and making more intricate plays. You will learn essential lingo and terminology and internalize the nature of a good sports wager.

We offer reviews of some leading sports betting websites – all unbiased, objective and written by reviewers who have gained years of first-hand sportsbook experience. It’s not all about winning, but also about the ebbs and flows which make the whole thing more exciting.
Our top-ranking online sportsbooks cover GTbets, Betway, Bodog, Bet Victor, 888sport, Bovada, BookMaker, WagerWeb, Bet365, BetOnline and others – all which are rated on various factors, such as:

Bonuses and promotions.

⦁ Banking. We’ve chosen those who offer easy and smooth paying procedures.

⦁ Customer service to make sure you’re doing alright.

⦁ Sportsbook features and unique wagering options the keep things more interesting.

Following 5 decades of sports betting, we’ve been using our overall positive sportsbook experiences while learning from our mistakes.

Be with us and stay informed!