A Brief History of American Football Betting

Interestingly, the NFL (National Football League) had always opposed sports betting, at least publically, and even had an active part in sponsoring the 1964 Bribery Act. In 2016 however, once Oakland Raiders moved to Las Vegas, it seemed that betting stopped being as a taboo as it seems from the outside. Then came the 2019 season, during which the league stepped forward to create agreements with DraftKings as well as Caesers Casino.
Later, the XFL went out into the world and openly expressed their positive attitude towards sports betting. XFL broadcasts were the first in professional football to have many references to betting, including the display of the closing lines for games on their scoreboards; they also discussed live lines during games.

NFL Betting Strategies and Suggestions

Money/Bankroll Management. Setting aside an amount of betting money that you can afford to lose (bankroll) is a preferred way when betting on the NFL season. You may either make a full season bankroll, monthly bankroll or weekly bankroll. Some wagers do it wrong, often through increasing the size of their bets as they start winning, or chasing losses with larger bets. Remember that the NFL season is long, and if you aim to profit, you’ll have to manage your cash cleverly.

The Search for Weekly Edges. There is no need to play every game in the NFL, weekly; instead, find edges and cash in on them. Look for what you think might be an edge and make your best bets on that basis. You may make 3 bets, 6 bets or just 1 bet a week; just don’t force your bets because of your desire for action and excitement. Making profits throughout the NFL season requires you to find the good plays each week, so you can bet them with 1-6% of your bankroll mentioned before.

Bet Sober. You won’t believe how so many bettors skip this important rule during the NFL season. Drinking is sure to impair your judgment when betting (it’s not a coincidence that casinos in Vegas offer free alcoholic drinks to their gamblers). Don’t mix drinking and betting; do the betting first and enjoy the beverages later, during the games themselves.

Don’t Tilt. Nobody is immunized to losses – not even the finest NFL handicappers (who lose nearly half of their bets). Don’t let your emotions rule you, or otherwise you’ll start making poor decision once you’re taken over by them. Instead of going on tilt again, calm yourself. Do something else to relax and release some negative energy, like going for a walk or exercise. Make sure not to bet unless you have a clear mind.

Top 3 best American Football betting sites

We’ll teach you all you need to know about popular types of bets on the popular sports, as well as important lingo and some advanced ideas on betting.

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