A brief history of cricket betting

The history of cricket can be traced back to the sixteenth century when Englishmen played with a ball made from sheep wool. From there it quickly became a very popular and well-organized game upon which people could place bets. By the 1700s it had become the national sport, and the famous Marylebone Cricket Club was formed in 1787.
Overarm bowling replaced the underarm version in the 1800s as the game spread across the British Empire. Today the game is still thriving, with newer formats co-existing alongside the more traditional contests. The Twenty20, for example, is now the shortest version of the game but is generating huge crowds and TV audiences.
T20 is ideal for betting purposes as it only lasts for a few hours. Live betting, thanks to the internet, has become very popular, along with other favorites such as top-player wagers and the classic head-to-head format. Hopefully, this year’s T20 World Cup will escape the ravages of pandemic to take place as planned in October and November this year. The betting shows the hosts, Australia, to be the current favorites, with India and England breathing down their necks.

Cricket betting strategies

Highest scorer: Similar to other major sports, such as the top-scorer in soccer, cricket offers you the chance to select who you think will score the most runs. Options will include the highest scorer for the entire match or for separate innings, as well as for tournaments or series.

Best bowler: Statistics are everything in cricket, and there are many ways to keep track of how many wickets each bowler has taken. Again, you can bet on the entire match or individual innings.

Best partnerships: Cricket matches are often decided by the synergy built up by the two men who are batting together and have to endure the full focus of the crowd, the TV audience, the eleven opponents gathered around them, and sometimes the hopes of entire nations. Hard to predict but often lucrative if you hit the right pick.

In-play betting: A statistician’s paradise, the permutations are endless. You can even bet ball-by-ball or on who will be the next man to lose his wicket.

Our tips and suggestions:

Stick to the basics: Cricket is an involved sport and complicated scenarios often play out. Betting in such circumstances is fun but also fraught with risk. Our advice is to stick with easier to predict betting lines such as the match-winners or the highest scorers.

Check the form: Cricket is very much a game of form. If a batsman is on a hot streak, this means he has his eye in and is likely to remain in the groove for a while. The same can be said for bowlers. It can sometimes take a bowler a while to find his “line and length”, but once he does, watch out!

Top 3 best Cricket betting sites

We’ll teach you all you need to know about popular types of bets on the popular sports, as well as important lingo and some advanced ideas on betting.

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