A Brief History of Formula-1 Betting

It is hard to determine the time when bets on Formula-1 got first accepted, but it can be safely assumed that it all began around the 1950’s, when the sport was in its infancy, and wagers were simply and usually involved no more than predicting the winning car. As over the decades the sport became more appealing to many, so did the popularity of gambling on it. The audience of bettors kept growing as sports gambling was legalised in different places around the world.

Formula-1 Betting Today

Formula-1 has become an extremely popular auto sport around by far. The sport’s popularity exploded in the late 1990s through the beginning of the new millennium and corresponded beautifully with the new rising era of online sports betting. Formula-1 has experienced some difficulties with attracting new fans, but it still remains a highly convenient sport to follow online.
Many major online sportsbooks today offer betting systems for every race – and ones that allow much more than wagering just on a predicted winner. It is possible today from a variety of platforms to wager, for example, on who will end up in the top six, who will end up higher than a certain opponent. Some sportsbooks offer live betting, which creates enormously valuable odds to bet on.

Formula-1 Betting Strategies and Tips

Learn Formula-1 stats. It’s especially necessary to go deeply into the statistics. Even small details may have a serious impact on the result of a race. You see – background knowledge is vital if you wish to boost your ability to select the top dogs.

Be informed with race previews. Read F1 betting tips and previews by experts and journalist to educate yourself before the coming weekend.

Mind the weather. Weather has a meaningful role in determining the outcome of Formula-1 races. Rain, for instance, can result in some unpredictable consequences (learn about 1998 Belgian Grand Prix, with the raging weather that caused some damage on the track, as well as one team’s maiden race victory). Under such weather, it’s also important to consider drivers who are fairly better under interchangeable conditions.

Grid Position. At some Grand Prix circuits, grid positions may have an important role. The notorious Monaco track is an example of a serious challenge for racers to overtake one another, while the Canadian Grand Prix, on the contrary, allows for more areas to pass on. Although track position is largely considered a winner in motorsport, it is important to take all variables into considerations before making a bet.

Top 3 best Formula-1 Betting sites

We’ll teach you all you need to know about popular types of bets on the popular sports, as well as important lingo and some advanced ideas on betting.

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